Week 17: Wrapping It Up

Room for Improvement- Social Media World
This class taught me a lot over this semester by getting my ideas going for new and upcoming promotions. It helped me start an offer on Facebook and spread it to other social media sites. It was really interesting because I got a customer to actually get the service for that specific offer. He was a customer that had messaged me on Instagram but never got to set a day and time. Then he actually saw my offer on Facebook when it was an actual assignment for this class. I did get creative and it helped me get him to be a paying customer. I was introduced to new ideas and how they are limitless. Google business has many resources you can use to keep track of work. This course showed me how google analytics works and all the functions it has. This is a great tool for business owners in being able to track down whose viewing, how many people are viewing, and their reactions to your posts. It goes more into depth depending on what you’re looking into. …

Week 16: Post 2

Profiles I commented on :


Week 16

When I had first started I was more into utilizing Instagram business and just sharing it to my Facebook, this would give me content on both ends to share. Now after a few weeks of this class I learned how to use Facebook a lot more into its analytics and also creating events, discount offers, and different types of announcement.I will undergo more experimental posts and keep getting better at it. There is much to learn and what had also impressed me was newsletter. While having a source of attraction and being able to have them read and look at what you have to announce is incredible. Gives information about the product or service and intrigues the customer.What you want to do is attract the customer for what you have to offer. If this offer is good enough they’ll come to you and pay for your product or service.The best thing about this is getting future referrals or more clients. Once customer can mean so much to your business. Make sure to keep up to date with them with special eve…

Week 15 : Post 2

For the Facebook analytics I have chosen Professor Faulks’ Analytics. During 7 days there have been 5 posts created that have gained a lot of views.There was an increase of about 201 views which helped gained recommendations, page likes, and new followers.From November 25th one of the first posts there was an increase in responsiveness from post clicks to comments. This helped gain 100% actions on page is what intentionally are aiming for. Once there is a post created there has to be a better over view if they have commented, liked, or even shared the post. What can benefit the post from reaching to a wide audience is boosting the post.
The demographic has mostly men and women through the ages 25-65. The general outreach has been spread out to 5 cities that is what it mainly targets. Three out of the five get more of an audience due to generic information, such as out post reach. This will boost the post throughout a certain radius targeting people that have interests on what the p…

Week 15

Google analytics has a lot to explore with many diagrams that can be helpful for business documentation. For me it would be the acquisition and audience. The acquisition part has more focused outlook on ads, word track, traffic coming in, and much more. It’s a process to get started on each part of it and will require you to dig deeper. Utilize each one and watching videos can be a great guide in following up with all of your analytics for ads. Now with google analytics it seems to break down everything for you all you have to do is plug in your information and content. For a beginning business I want to keep track of my demographics and what types of customers are visiting my content. Noticing the behavior of how they are coming in whether new or old can be helpful in determining who we are reaching out to that’s coming in and out.

Week 14 : Advertisement

My objective for each of my advertisements is to show the product on the vehicle with a quality photo. This enhances on what I specialize in and increases the chance of someone messaging for an estimate. I can also describe the jobs as a trend. Mainly offering special discounts and or showing on what new services are offered will attract more business.

Week 13 : Part B

The best advertising for the type of business I’m running would be a discounted price on a service. Also throwing in a special offer for first time customers if they refer a friend get ten to twenty percent of their next wrap job. Depending on how much business you’re trying to attract I would say possibly twice a week to keep ideas going. Even expanding a big advertisement throughout the whole month will do the trick. Being diverse in trying to reach a certain crowd can help get a substantial amount of new customers your way. In my choice of advertising I would aim for ages 18-40 of both genders. I would expand my advertising for about a 2 weeks budget of $25. Each day would pay $1.78 per day. If I’m consistent every month I’m able to reach an audience of 14,000 plus. However, I would want to keep changing the way I advertise by using special wrap discounts, videos, or creating a special advertisement that has an event
Facebook offer a boost post to get more likes or page visits. Thi…